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Al Franken running for senate? Why not Jon Stewart for president?

I had my 20 year high school reunion last weekend. There were three highlights for me:

1) I got to see all three of my prom dates — roughly the only three dates I had in high school.

2) My old high school quiz bowl team reunited and showed we still had the right stuff, handily beating the school’s highly touted current quiz bowl team. (My quiz bowl involvement gives you a hint at why I only had three dates in high school.)

3) Al Franken spoke at the high school commencement (which coincided with the reunion) and was kind enough to seek me out and we had a nice chat and he had very kind things to say about Freakonomics. As far as I could tell, a signed copy of Freakonomics was the only compensation he was being given for giving his commencement address. If so, he needs a better agent!

Rumor has it in Minnesota that Al Franken is establishing residency in Minnesota so that he can run for Senate. Which got me thinking back to my earlier comment on this blog about how Jon Stewart would make a great president.

What do you think? I never got much feedback on that idea.

Al Franken is not the only celebrity we met recently who had something to say about Freakonomics. After our latest Today show stint, Len Berman came by and told us his wife is a realtor and said (nicely) he thought we were completely full of crap on the real estate issue.