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More good press for Pat Robertson

I’m not the only one saying nice things about Pat Robertson these days.

Sarah Vowell, frequent NPR contributor, the author of the recent book “Assassination Vacation,” and the voice of Violet in the movie “The Incredibles” wrote recently on the New York Times op-ed page:

Until recently, about the nicest thing I would have said about this televangelist is that he isn’t boring. Remember when he wanted to boycott the “Satanic ritual” that is Halloween? Or when he said, “The husband is the head of the wife”? Or when he warned the city of Orlando that the flying of homosexuals’ upbeat rainbow flags might incite divine retribution in the form of hurricanes or “possibly a meteor”? Yep, good times.

Nevertheless, when I spotted Robertson in a lineup of celebrities including Brad Pitt, Bono, George Clooney and the also-never-boring Dennis Hopper, I was delighted to see him. He was in the One Campaign’s television ad asking for help in the crusade against poverty, starvation and AIDS in Africa and elsewhere.

In the commercial, Robertson says, “Americans have an unprecedented opportunity,” and then Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, of all people, finishes his sentence, concluding that “we can make history.”

On a recent “Nightline,” Robertson showed up with his new best friend, Clooney. When asked if his group Operation Blessing would promote “the responsible use of condoms” along with abstinence in its AIDS education program in Africa, Robertson answered, “Absolutely.” Pat Robertson!

“I just don’t think we can close our eyes to human nature,” he continued, adding that with regard to teaching proper condom use, “you have to do that, given the magnitude.” I could have hugged him.

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