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Last Chance to Vote for “Freakonomics”

Freakonomics has been nominated for the inaugural Quill Awards and we would really appreciate your vote.* Click here to cast your ballot (and be prepared to wade through several screens before finding Freakonomics in the “Best Business” category). You can actually vote for it twice: as “Best Business” book and also “Book of the Year.” Be warned, however, that the “Book of the Year” ballot is very long and a little confusing, so you have to look for Freakonomics on the right-hand column.

*Levitt is in Hong Kong as I type, so let me clarify: I would really appreciate your vote. Levitt probably doesn’t feel the need to win another award — hell, he owns the John Bates Clark Medal. But I haven’t won anything really good since high school (when I won, quite improbably, Athlete of the Year, and even more improbably, a Charles Steinmetz award for math and science). Plus which, one of our competitors in the business category is Jack Welch. Does he really need a Quill? (Seriously, though: thanks for the votes.)