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You know your publisher is big when…

Although it may sometimes seem that Dubner and I are attached at the hip, indeed we do have separate lives. And, in his non-Freakonomics existence, Dubner was recently honored by having a piece he wrote for the New Yorker reprinted in a book entitled “The Best American Crime Writing 2005.” The book comes out next week.

Just by chance, it happens that the publisher of that book is HarperPerennial, which is part of Harper Collins, which also published Freakonomics (under the William Morrow imprint).

And indeed, the back-cover copy even plugs our book:

“The 2005 edition of The Best American Crime Writing offers the year’s most shocking, compelling, and gripping writing about real-life crime, including … a piece from The New Yorker by Stephen J. Dubner (the coauthor of Freakanomics [sic]) about a high-society silver thief.”

You know your publisher is big when one imprint of the company doesn’t know how to spell another imprint’s best seller.