A new blog that is way better than ours

There is something called the TED conference, held annually in Monterey, California, which brings together a very high-powered audience of technology big shots and an amazingly diverse set of speakers. When I spoke there a few years ago, the guy best known for being the voice of Roger Rabbit was the speaker who followed me. (Let me just say that I am glad I spoke before rather than after him — he was very, very good.)

My two visits to TED both left me inspired, wowed, and invigorated. I got to talk at length with people like Steve Pinker, Mitch Kapor, and even Thomas Dolby. What is best about the conference is that people really have fun. When I attended for the first time, I realized that I had forgotten how to have fun.

TED has just started a blog. I really enjoy it and think you might too.


Thomas Dolby as in "She blinded me with science" Thomas Dolby? He's an intersting cat from what I hear.

Princess Leia

The blog is pretty cool -- do they have the conference at Asilomar? Gorgeous place Monterey, every part. . .


TED is cool -- the most interesting thing is the way the conference succeeds in generating and channeling audience feedback for every speaker.

Which raises an interesting question -- is there a way to actually discuss the Freakonomics (the book) on this site or ask questions about it?


TED is now a tenant in my bookmarks. I will definitely attent the next TED conference. By the way, great job on 'Freakonomics.' Both the book and the blog. I've submitted it as a 'must read' for the execs in my company.

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

Freaknomics de manhã cedo

* Bom, após semanas de atraso, ontem alguém se lembrou de me dizer: "ei, você tem uma correspondência aqui". Então descobri que havia sido premiado com a nova tradução (6a ed) do Freakonomics. Comecei a ler e estou gostando. *...