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If You’re Not Too Exhausted to Vote Again …

On a few occasions in the past, we’ve asked you to vote for awards for which Freakonomics was nominated, and you did, and we were and remain grateful. Now, if you’re not too exhausted to vote again, there’s another award (albeit a very small one, given the posted vote tally), and it’s actually a little closer to home because it’s for websites, not books. It’s called the Weblog Award, and is nominated for Best Business Blog. Although we have said long and loud that Freakonomics is, in many ways, the opposite of a business book, it is plainly time to just shut up and accept that maybe it is. So if you’re inclined to click another button in favor of Freakonomics, you can do so right here — although I think I’ll vote for Marginal Revolution, which is awesomely good, every day. Assymetrical Information is pretty great, too.