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“It’s not called Freakonomics, Donald, it is called Freakonomi”

This season’s show “Apprentice” with Donald Trump ended with Trump asking the winner whether the runner-up, Rebecca Jarvis, should also be hired. The winner said, “The show is called ‘The Apprentice,’ not ‘The Apprenti.’ ”

Not particularly important, but first let’s just note that if the plural of apprentice is “apprenti,” then by the same token our book should be called “Freakonomi.” Maybe in the paper back version.

More important, I know a celebrity! Rebecca Jarvis, the runner-up, is my former student at University of Chicago. If I remember correctly, she got an A.

Far stranger than her being my student is that we also went to the same high school in the Twin Cities.

I’ll have to dig out her old exam and get her to autograph it for me.