Need to Locate the Nearest Sex Offender?

Here’s a website that lets you do just that, built by the dogged John Walsh. (Hat tip to QualityG.)


I would rather see rapists get longer jail time given the burden of proof required for conviction. 3-5 years? Drug dealers get longer than that (which I believe some economists argue may be detrimental to society; haven't read the papers myself so I'm a little fuzzy on the details). Then, of course, there's the possible transmission of AIDS or other STD, potential pregnancy, etc.

Also, if these people are such a threat, why release them? If there is such a shortage of prison space, maybe we ought to just put down a few people who don't seem to understand how we'd like them to function to save ourselves a few tax dollars and some misery. We could also neuter (if it's constitutionally acceptable, which I don't believe it is) or deport them.

I don't mean to offend anyone, I just want to get some dialog going. I think it's stupid that we have all these people locked up and we just keep locking the same people up or watching them when they get out, but we have to send white collar criminals who ruin the lives of thousands to camp cupcake, if anywhere. Is this functional stupidity or am I not seeing something?



Fortunately, the site color-codes the perps by offense. Offense against children, rape, and sexual battery all have unique color identifiers, while "other crimes", which presumably would include sodomy laws as you describe, have a different code. I agree that there are problems with the underlying sex offender laws, but this data is invaluable. A much worse problem is the lack of accurate information on registrants, since there is not nearly enough police enforcement when sex offenders fail to register at a new address.

Julienne Bellock

The Laws in Pa are very archaic. I was married someone who offended while I was having our child. He got off of parole and sued for custody. We need to majorly update our laws regarding sex offenders and their parental rights. Just think my ex has shared legal rights and will have partial custody again soon. This means that he can be around at my kids school, events and other things that other children will be. People in this state don't care unless it affects them. Our judge thinks he'll only molest children that aren't that makes sense to let him be with his kids???

sean fitzgerald

Let's not stop with sex offenders when it comes to affixing the scarlet letter. Let's tell everyone who is a murderer. Let's have police advertise who gets speeding tickets. Let's publicize everyone who didn't pay their taxes. Let's ask the Goverenor to tell us where all those rotten armed robbers live, where the litterbugs dwell, where the guy killed his dog. I want to know who has hemmoroids, who's menstrating, who's picking their nose in public so I can be sure to not shake their hand. If we could predict who will commit a crime before they do it, then we could lock them up. Better yet, let's petition Washington to put a chip in every American's head at birth, and all immigrants when they get here. In this way we could completely eliminate crime as we give a boost to the prison industry.


Sean Fitzgerald wants to know who is picking their nose?

People love to play the slippery slope game. Believe it or not, there is black and white in this world. Not everything is a shade of grey. This is a case where humans (a species with large brains with the ability to reason) are capable of making a judgement decision (no, 'judgement' is not a dirty word).

Knowing whether someone in your neighborhood has raped a child for example is of value.

Knowing if a convicted murderer lives in your neighborhood is of value.

Knowing who and where they are allows us to take steps to prevent harm to our families and ourselves. Animals who commit these types of crimes forfieted our trust in them, and spending time in jail (which doesn't always happen anyway) does not fully redeem them.

As for knowing who has hemmoroids or who is littering... I think with our great big brains, we can make the judgement call that tracking those people is not necessary.


Big Robby

Facebook has a sex offender search application now -


I work in local law enforcement in California. The new Facebook "Sex Offender Search" application contains outdated info (at least a year old). Using the application, I did searches of our local registrants and found old addresses listed for those who have moved since May 2008. Current, accurate information about registered sex offenders can be found ONLY on each state's official, government-sponsored Megan's Law website.

demaurkus smith

i thinck sex offerder should not let out of jail

Billy Dibbert

Is there a sex offender living on westboroug drive, Raleigh, 27612@

Billy Dibbert

What is that suppose to mean. I asked a yes or no question.