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Bjorn Borg Selling His Wimbledon Trophies

Here’s the article. This sort of story always makes me more than a little bit sad. But for me, the big question is this: Who on earth wants to own a bunch of trophies that someone else earned? (Especially if they cost half a million dollars.) What sort of benefit is to be gained by owning these trophies? For me, the benefit of showing off Bjorn Borg’s trophies to my friends would be more than offset by the vulturish element of my having paid for them.

I guess that if:

a) I had enough money to buy Borg’s trophies; and
b) I respected him enough to want to own them; and
c) I knew he needed the money; then

d) I would buy the trophies at auction, let Borg keep them in his house, and demand that he have lunch with me once a year.

Maybe that’s what someone will do in the end.