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Happy Birthday to the Freakonomics Blog!

The blog turned one today.

It was never meant to reach its first birthday. It was never supposed to exist at all. On a whim, Dubner suggested we do a blog. I was hesitant. He assured me that we would just do it for a few months after the book was released, then we would let it die.

The only problem was that people just kept showing up. And once we had readers, it seemed like we might as well keep blogging.

So, 300 blog entries and about 3 million visitors later, here we are.

We’ve covered a lot of ground: Billy Beane, car seats, voting, the shangri la diet, abortion, poker, realtors, dog poop, and peak oil, just to name a few.

We have our loyal fans and defenders like Princess Leia, St. Cheryl, Econopete, and Sophistry. And we have had our fair share of resident hecklers as well.

We’ve watched our Google number (the number of results you get when you type in “Freakonomics”) go from zero to 12.8 million.

So here’s to another year of Dubner’s wit and my typos.