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What do Bill O’Reilly, Alan Dershowitz, and Ted Nugent have in common?

The answer is that they all blurb the new book Muzzled: From T-ball to Terrorism- True Stories that Should be Fiction written by my friend Michael Smerconish.

The book is an edgy and amusing series of vignettes about how political correctness has gone too far. The topics range from streaking at Princeton to Mumia Abu-Jamal to airport security and just about everything in between.

Dershowitz’s blurb reads, “I really squirm whenever I find myself agreeing with Smerconish. (I know the feeling is mutual.) I did a lot of squirming while reading this provocative book.”

Ted Nugent says, “If a new generation doesn’t grow some intellectual balls, our Once Great Nation will continue to repeat horrific mistakes and pay the price. Read it. Live it.”

I haven’t been following Ted Nugent’s career lately, but a google search reveal that he has moved on from Rock ‘n’ Roll to writing. His latest book is “Blood Trails II: The Truth about Bow Hunting,” which in spite of the title is actually an ode to that activity.