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Honoring Gary Becker

The Center I direct at the University of Chicago got a new name last weekend. It is now the “Becker Center for Chicago Price Theory founded by Richard Ryan.” We had a great collection of speakers at the event, including top academics like Nobel Laureates Gary Becker and George Akerlof, Andrei Shleifer, Kevin Murphy, Ed Lazear, and Ed Glaeser, as well as public figures like Michael Milken, Andrew Van Eschenbach, Paul Gigot, John Tierney, and James Connaughton.

I will post more content and links when I have time, but for now, all I’ve got is Dan Dry’s picture of the week, taken at the conference. To see the picture, click where it says “Click here for the photo of the week” on the link above.

(I couldn’t figure out how to link directly to the picture, sorry.)