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I will see you in hell, apparently

Here is one of Steve Sailer’s more amusing blog posts . He offers his typical, right-on-the-money assessment of me. And then he delivers some insightful social commentary. Some choice excerpts from it:

I was pleased to see that Levitt has been replaced as a New York Times columnist by economist-aesthete Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution.

Sorry, but believe it or not the NYT lets more than one economist write at a time. New York Times readers will continue to suffer with our Freakonomics column.

“Levitt is a poor prose stylist. When I debated him in in 1999, I felt sorry for him because his response was so weakly written.”

Sailer is right on this one — me no good writer.

Here’s the review of Freakonomics in The Guardian, which captures the clammy nature of the book’s love affair with itself better than anything else I’ve seen:

Allen Lane writes:

Oops. Allen Lane did not write the review. Allen Lane is the name of our publisher! If you follow the link to The Guardian, you will see just how difficult it is to figure that small point out. And it is not a book review, it is regular parody feature in The Guardian.

“…Stephen J. Dubner in Levitt’s life has been bad for Levitt’s soul”

Perhaps after what Dubner has done to me I will be forced to spend eternity with Mr. Sailer.