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The Shangri-La Diet, Between Hard Covers

Way back when, we wrote about the Berkeley psychology Seth Roberts and his yen for self-experimentation in the realms of mood, sleep, and especially weight control.

Because there was such an intense interest in his work, we asked him to guest-blog on this site, which he did, for several days. (If you want to read a complete record of Seth Roberts on this blog, just type “Seth Roberts” in the search box to the right.)

Roberts’s diet, which is really a mode of controlling the appetite, was in great demand. So now he has written a book, The Shangri-La Diet, which is just about to be published. (One blogger has called it “absurd, ridiculous, and remarkable.”)

He also made an appearance on Good Morning America, during which Diane Sawyer swallowed a spoonful of olive oil, one of Roberts’s favorite appetite suppressants.

I know that Roberts incorporated into his book quite a bit of what he learned from commenters on this blog (including early adopters of the diet), so I’m sure he’s appreciative. You’re more than welcome to comment further here but I’m guessing the traffic will be heartier over at Roberts’s own website.