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Whatever Happened to Nathan Englander?

Nathan Englander is, or at least was, a startlingly good young writer who in 1999 published a collection of short stories called For the Relief of Unbearable Urges. The book sold a lot of copies, won some awards, and generally set everyone talking about how talented and insightful Englander was, especially for such a young writer. (He was the Jonathan Safran Foer of his day, except he didn’t have one brother who was editor of The New Republic and another who was recently crowned the Memory Champion; I assume the Foer boys’ parents are too old to have more kids, but maybe they should adopt a few, huh?) Englander grew somewhere around New York City and lived in Israel. Last I heard, he was writing a novel. But the other day, having glanced at his book on my shelf, I realize that it’s been seven years and I haven’t heard a whisper of Englander. Does anyone know anything?