Two reasons to love the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

Reason #1: There is a huge Freakonomics poster on the wall behind the cash register in Authors Bookstore in Terminal C of the airport.

Reason #2: They have my favorite restaurant, Dairy Queen, right in the terminal.


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I'm a new reader to the Freakanomics Blog (and book), and I must say that this is my favorite blog spot. It's more addicting then crack. Hahah JK.


Reason #2 to hate it.

No free wi-fi.


ever thought of buying stock in berkshire hathaway?


dean: How many airports have free wi-fi? None of the airports I frequent have that.

Unless you have some of those morally dubious tools that can turn most unfree wi-fi into free wi-fi, I should say.


prosa -- I'm with you. My brother and his young family moved from Chicago to Minneapolis in 1996. I visited them from New York on average 3 times a year during the 9 years they were in Chicago, but visited them exactly 4 times during the 4 years they were in Minneapolis. The basic reason was that the fare jumped from under $200 to over $900, or involved taking an entire day in each direction, with a change in Chicago or Pittsburgh.


I'd say that Midway beats Minneapolis-St. Paul. No Dairy Queen that I know of, but there is Ben & Jerry's.


Yea Dairy Queen, the "Texas Stop Sign!" Texas House of Representatives Resolution 1796 (text at speaks volumes about this great institution.


I used to have a high score on a video game in the domestic terminal at MSP.


I moved to MSP from New York about 12 years ago. I'm proud to say I live less than a mile from the International Dairy Queen HQ.

Next time if you are in town and want a real treat, stop into the DQ Grill & Chill at HWY 100 and 80th. Its the corporate flagship store. Best DQ there is.



Here's a list of airports offering free wifi.

Recently I've had it in Tampa, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.


"One reason not to love the airport: Northwest Airlines has such a dominating presence that it keeps Southwest Airlines out."

Agreed. I once tried to get a ticket to either Portland or Seattle out of it. It cost 400 USD 1 WAY. I was told to try pineapple air or whatever it's called that operates out of the cargo terminal, but they were booked up. This was 2 months ahead of time BTW. If there's one thing I think that needs regulation it's airlines owning entire terminals. Northwest has raised rates in Minneapolis to keep competition away.


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StCheryl - I think you should check the fares on - you can probably even find cheaper on Expedia or Travelocity, etc. A quick search on reveals the following sample round-trip airfares from NY (JFK or LGA) to MSP: $243.99 (several),$293.81 (several), $322.49, etc... Also, all these flights are either direct or with a brief layover in Detroit.

Southwest may be great. However, having lived in both Minneapolis and Chicago, I would trade the slightly higher ticket price for the much nicer facility, superior service and not having to deal with the sheer headache that is flying out of Ohare, and to a lesser extent Midway - I've done it many times and it is almost always awful.

Princess Leia

DQ... chocolate dipped cones... good stuff.

no way out

I love the minneapolis airport...

They have so many restuarants, and they are all great, I could go for a choclate milkshake right now, how about levitt pays for this one?