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Jane Siberry Snaps

Apparently, Jane Siberry doesn’t appreciate people calling attention to her website, which allows people to pay as they wish to download Siberry’s music. I liked the idea, and blogged about it a few days ago. But here’s what Siberry wrote on her MySpace journal today:

The ‘self-determined pricing’ policy of the store is in the spotlight again, freakonomics has an online article; abc news emailed. I don’t want the attention. I think I’ll change the pricing to ‘you can pay me all you want but i’m not going to let you hear it’.

Youch. Regrets, Ms. Siberry. Seems as we have a lousy track record with pop singers — anybody remember Levitt’s “Thomas Dolby has a new record” announcement?

Levitt wanted me to add that he owns two Jane Siberry CDs from before the self-determined pricing era.

I guess we should give up pop singers and stick to crack dealers, real-estate agents, and poker cheats.