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We’re Not the Only Ones Who Give Car Seats a Bad Name

As many readers of this blog may recall, we have written about child car seats and how they seemingly provide no safety advantage over seat belts for children 2 and older. This aroused the ire of many safety officials and researchers, who felt we were giving car seats an unduly bad name. Well, it seems like Britney Spears has just given car seats an even worse name. On the good-news front: at least she has the seat strapped into the center of the back seat, as opposed to one side. On the bad-news front: the seat should be installed facing backwards, according to safety experts, and the child should not be allowed to flop over like a rag doll. And on the really, really, really bad-news front: if you’re remotely concerned about the welfare of your kid, you probably shouldn’t be driving around in a convertible.