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$117 haircut

I got my most expensive haircut ever yesterday: $117.

Actually, the haircut itself was only $17. But, as I walked from the barber to work, I passed by a young couple eating breakfast on their stoop. The woman called out, “Aren’t you Steve Levitt?” So I stopped to talk to them. I asked her how she knew who I was, and she said from The Daily Show and the book jacket. She used to be a student at U of C, but hadn’t known me as a professor there. Thus, it seemed to me that despite the fact we were only a few blocks from my own home, she qualified as the first winner of the “recognize Steve Levitt” contest. Much to her surprise, I handed her $100 (well, actually $90 because I didn’t have exact change).

Her name was HeatherDumdei (or something like that) and the man who was with her was Jahred Adelman.

My prediction is that she will be the only winner.