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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

After the book “On Bullshit,” was a surprise commerical hit, everyone and their brother decided that the word “bullshit” could get you on the best-seller list.

Now a new book figures maybe an apple combined with an orange will also do the trick:

Judging from the Amazon sales rank of this book, it doesn’t seem like the apple/orange is getting the job done very well.

Of course, it is hard for us to complain about imitation. After we published our book, we found out that our cover looked a whole lot like the cover of an earlier book entitled “Logic and its Limits.”

And if you need to have both “Freakonomics” and “Logic and its Limits”, the kind folks at Amazon have decided the two books are “better together” and will give you a special discount if you buy one of each.