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The Monkey Chow Diet

We wrote about Seth Roberts’ Shangri-La Diet in the New York Times last summer, which he has since turned into a best-selling book. Seth’s research suggested that the key to weight control was consuming flavorless calories.

Adam Scott has a new diet idea: Monkey Chow. For the next week, he plans an experiment in which he consumes only Monkey Chow. As he puts it:

“Wouldn’t it make economic sense for people to have a pelletised,
nutritionally complete food source with a long unrefrigerated shelf
life? Think of the immediate financial savings – less than a dollar
per meal; no dishes or pots and pans required; no electricity for the
fridge, freezer, stove, microwave. Not to mention the time saved – no
shopping, no cooking, no dishwashing.”

Since there is no Human Chow, he is going to give Monkey Chow a shot. He is blogging about it. So far he is through Day 2. It doesn’t sound like it is going well.