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A Freaky Photo Album

No one has ever accused any publisher of making too-subtle a book jacket for Freakonomics. For those of you not keeping score at home, here is the Norwegian cover, e.g., and here is the U.K. paperback.

But it seems that the good folks at ValeNovak publishing in the Republic of Slovenia may win the prize:

While we’re sharing pictures, here’s one that we can’t quite explain. Maybe we should play a caption game, like The New Yorker does on its back page, where it supplies a cartoon without a caption and asks readers to supply the best one. Any takers?

And finally: a few weeks ago our publisher threw a big party at the Gansevoort Hotel to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Freakonomics. It was a blast. Many old friends and many new ones. The CEO of HarperCollins, Jane Friedman, decided to rename the two of us, with Levitt becoming S-Freak and me becoming S-Dub. We were then given baseball caps to reinforce this rechristening. Below is the evidence. The next time you hear Levitt complain that he hates going out in public, hates parties, etc etc etc., remember the smile on his face in this picture. (Of course, it could be because he just heard that Lindsay Lohan had just arrived at the Gansevoort.)