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Almost Famous

Entourage is my favorite TV show in — well, forever.

Sure, I have my quibbles. In last week’s episode, we learn that Vince and Eric don’t know until well after Aquaman is released that James Cameron hadn’t signed on to direct the sequel. That’s not very believable. And a couple weeks ago, when Vince and his entourage visit the high-schoolers’ pool party, the Almost Famous ripoff was too directly a ripoff.

But I wouldn’t quibble if I didn’t care. I love just about everything about the show.

Which is why it’s particularly gratifying to see that Adrian Grenier, who plays Vince, loves us right back. Here he is in Us Weekly, clutching a copy of Freakonomics. I am now officially an A.G. fanboy. our one-year anniversary party a few weeks back had an unexpected pop-in visitor: Fabio. Here he is, captured at the entrance of the Freakonomics party by a quick-fingered party guest. As confused as he looks, we are just as confused as to why he was there. If nothing else, he singlehandedly tripled the volume of male hair at the party.