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Annie Duke Wins 2nd Annual World Series of Poker’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament (my research assistant gets knocked out in the first round)

Only in Vegas can you, on one day’s notice, get 64 people to put up $500 each to compete in a Rock, Paper, Scissors contest. Phil Gordon was responsible for the tournament. Phil is a great poker player, perhaps an even better poker author, and one of the most kind and generous people I have ever met. The tournament raised $7,000 for Phil’s charity, It also generated a wealth of data for my research. If they show it on ESPN again this year, you will see my research assistants right there in the middle of the fray, clipboards in hand.

Annie Duke won the tournament, the $10,000 first place prize and her first WSOP Rock, Paper, Scissors bracelet. If you haven’t read her autobiography, I highly recommend it. She has led an unusual life. Last year she was knocked out in the quarterfinals.

She attributed her success to switching to a new coach after last year’s defeat, Rafe Furst (a former Rock, Paper, Scissors world champion and another super-nice guy).

Unortunately my RA Bill didn’t fare as well. Despite beating Norm McDonald (a world class Rock, Paper, Scissors player, former Saturday Night Live cast member, and yet another nice guy — he even laughed at one of my jokes) the day before, under the pressure of the camera lights Bill was eliminated in the first round.

I’ve got him working with Rafe Furst and I think by next year he will be a champion.