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How is Floyd Landis the Opposite of Bode Miller?

After Bode Miller told 60 Minutes that he often drank the night before ski races, and that he’d even raced while still drunk, he was raked over the coals and forced to grovel and apologize. Now we learn that Tour de France winner Floyd Landis (here’s a recent posting on the subject), who tested high for testosterone after his miraculous comeback stage, drank pretty heavily the night before that stage — “two beers and at least four shots of whiskey,” according to the Wall Street Journal. But instead of being disgraced, Landis may find that his drinking was his salvation: “According to several studies,” Sam Walker wrote in the WSJ, “alcohol consumption can increase the ratio between testosterone and epitestosterone, which occur naturally in the body. Mr. Landis failed the test because it showed an elevated ratio between the two.”