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Press Release of the Day

Last week, Levitt declared his intention to run some experiments with poker players in Las Vegas. Well, there’s one more player he may want to consider: Mikey the Chimp. He’ll be in Vegas since he’s competing in the 2006 World Series of Poker. Mikey’s gambit is a publicity stunt for a poker website, Here’s the press release that tells the story:

Hi Stephen,

I think you and your New York Times readers will go bananas for this one: Mikey the chimp has been training to play in the 2006 World Series of Poker and leaves from New York this Saturday to begin his media tour from New York to Las Vegas. Check out and you’ll go ape over this chimp playing to win money for his retirement — a real issue his trainers are willing to comment on.

If you can fit him into your schedule, he is available this Thursday and Friday for an in-person interview with his trainers to talk about his $10,000 seat into the World Series of Poker and why he wants to win. I have included a release below and can also provide you with fantastic for your story. Do you want to schedule an interview for the end of this week?

For some reason, I wasn’t tempted to reply to this pitch.