An article in Chicago magazine about the lawsuit against me

In case anyone is interested, you can read it here.

Our motion to dismiss has been filed and the judge is currently considering the arguments.


i think it was lott who sent you the $5 hate email.


Curious definition of econometrics in the article, “a discipline that uses statistics and computer software to examine how society actually works (a departure from the usual stuff of economics, such as unemployment rates and bond yields).” I thought that unemployment rates and bond yields were both frequent topics of econometric research (and both part of how society works.


I reckon it's a good definition to use to explain econometrics to someone who hasn't heared of it before, and just wants to know what it is, not how it works.


Wow! I had never heard of Mr. Lott before, but this guy is weird. He looks like the kind who had no friends in high school and was always the prey for bullies. So then he became like Stewie Griffin (I love Family Guy by the way) and is now a vile manipulative kind who doesn't like people to confront his fallacious arguments (much like a sect leader).


In 2001, somebody named Mary Rosh began posting on online forums, gushing over Lott as a writer and teacher: “I had him for a PhD level empirical methods class when he taught at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania back in the early 1990s, well before he gained national attention and I have to say that he was the best professor I ever had."

And who was Mary Rosh? John Lott.

A person who posts sings his own praises under pseudonyms forfeits all credibility. Lott is an unemployed joke. He remains a curiousity solely because of this lawsuit. After he loses this case, he will fade away into the hinterlands of pseudo-academic push-tanks.


Perfect solution.

Dueling pistols at 20 paces.

Will save a lot of legal fees.


Seriously though, why not a link to a PDF of the complaint and your response?

Inquiring minds...

elephant man

I actually had cybersex with Mary Rosh on one occasion... as you can guess, this news comes as quite a shock.


Don't talk bad about Lott. He's a great guy. Fantastic academic, very honest. Handsome too.

Dr. Funk


Somehow I think that'd raise transaction costs, not lower them.


This case wil not be a winner for Mr. Lott, especially if he is held to be a public figure. Public figures in general have trouble winning against the media and this guy's case is more tenuous than most.

Lott seems low enough to pull something like suing for libel in England, where a victory would be much more likely.


So which one of you Lott critics is Levitt?


Put this on the record: I love crazy guys like John Lott. Is there a website that keeps track of him and other crazy guys like him?


I am a Levitt Morphing Power Ranger.

Jeffery Faulk

I love Lott a lot too. It's so sad to see someone who obviously cares so much put those who disagree with him through so much crap. He's the original mad scientist screaming "It's Alive!" who then sends his creation off to kill his critics.


Just a couple comments:
1. I sincerely hope that your publisher is covering the costs of your defence.
2. I hope Lott gets hammered with a sizeable cost award. That is probably the only way he is ever going to learn.
3. Please keep us posted on the progress of the lawsuit.
4. I really enjoy this blog and thank-you both for taking the time to keep it updated.


Michael Shermer's skeptic column in _Scientific American_ this month (September 2006) is about the Lott/Levitt topic...


What has interested me of late is the lack of interest shown by both sides of the gun control issue on the Bush Administration's policy of allowing every household in Iraq to possess an assault rifle.

I can't say that Iraq is a clean experiment, but there must be data to sift through.

How safe does an AK in every household make a country?


Lacking attention? File a lawsuit.

It's interesting how a little fame and acknowledgement for someone brings out the finest.



So maybe this is a low blow, but I suggest you watch out for amicus briefs filed by former graduate students of Lott's. They might not be all that they seem.