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Anybody Need a Best Friend?

This guy is offering to be your best friend, for a price, via eBay.

He lives in New York City and calls himself Rent-a-Pal: “The lucky Winning Bidder and RENTAPAL will exchange unlimited emails for a period of 30 DAYS on any subject that you like. RENTAPAL will provide you with a compassionate ear, good conversation, feedback and advice – the kind that could only come from a close, caring friend.”

I assume this is not a gag, but I kind of wish it were.

If he’s for real, I think he should have used a photo that looks a little less … um … pervy.

His starting bid is $19.69 and so far he has zero bids. I can’t say I’m that surprised. Still, considering the expense of psychotherapy, especially in NYC, his service might be a real bargain.