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Is This the Future of Home Excercise?

It’s one man’s invention, called the Shovelglove. Here’s how he came upon it:

It was a rainy Sunday. I hadn’t gone to the gym in over three months, and I was feeling painfully out of shape and antsy to do some kind of exercise. But I didn’t want to go out in the rain, and the prospect of subjecting myself to the boring torture of the gym seemed even drearier. I wanted an exercise I could do right there, in my bedroom, without any fancy equipment.

But I didn’t want to do sit-ups or pushups. I didn’t want to grovel on my stomach on the floor, like some degraded beast. “There must be some kind of movement I can do standing up, with the dignity of a human being,” I thought, “some kind of movement that is natural and interesting, that my body would like to do.”

If you like Seth Roberts and the spirit of self-experimentation, you just might like Reinhard Engels and his Shovelglove.

(H/T: politicalcalculations)