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Yourhighness Morgan

Thanks to the section of Freakonomics that dealt with unusual first names, we regularly get e-mails from readers telling us about a particularly good example. (Maybe we should make such submissions a regular feature of this blog?) Anyway, I don’t think there’s been a better submission that the one that came this morning, courtesy of David Tinker of Pittsburgh. He sent us this article from the Orlando Sentinel about Yourhighness Morgan, a 16-year-old student-athlete in Bushnell, Fla.

According to the article, Yourhighness has a younger brother named Handsome, and cousins named Prince and Gorgeous. (FWIW, I grew up as a farm kid and we had a pig named Handsome.) Yourhighness often goes by YH for short, and also sometimes Hiney — which, to the friends and family who call him this, apparently doesn’t mean “tush” or “derriere,” but which certainly did in my household.

I like Yourhighness so much that I think I will try to get my kids to call me that for a while.

In other strange-name news, there’s this sad San Diego Tribune article (sent to us by one James Werner of Charlottesville, Va.) about a gang murder. The victim’s name was Dom Perignon Champagne; his mother’s name is Perfect Engelberger.