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Freakonomics Joins Federated Media, Foists Survey on Readers

I am pleased to announce that the Freakonomics website is now a part of Federated Media Publishing, a consortium of blogs (including BoingBoing, BuzzMachine, Digg, and GigaOM) founded by John Battelle. This means, among other changes, that our site will now accept advertising. (You may have already spotted a banner for CNBC earlier this week.) We are also planning a redesign, which may or may not be drastic. (Suggestions, btw, are welcome.)

In the meantime, please answer this Federated customer survey if you are willing. It is meant to help them figure out who reads this site, and why.

We do know a little bit about our readers already:

* There are roughly 45,000 of you on a given day.

* Most of you are incredibly kind, wise, and polite. (As for the others, we know where you live.)

* About 84% of you are from the U.S.; after that, you are most likely from Canada, the U.K., or Japan.

* Here is a list of the remaining countries where at least 100 of our daily visitors live: Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Russia, France, Brazil, Italy, Singapore, New Zealand, Finland, Israel, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, India, Portugal, Mexico, Taiwan, Argentina, Norway.

* And here is a list of countries where, according to our hosting company, there is one lone reader of the Freakonomics blog: Bermuda, Cyprus, Guyana, Jordan, Paraguay and … wait for it … Tuvalu.

I didn’t know where Tuvalu was, either. It’s in the western Pacific Ocean, a former British commonwealth composed of nine low coral atolls; the capital is Fongafale, on the island of Funafuti.

Hello and thanks to our lone Tuvaluan reader, and to the rest of you as well.