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Technical Difficulties

If anyone is still reading this blog, let us offer our apologies for a couple of weeks’ worth of very buggy behavior. The site has often been inaccessible, even to us, which is why we have barely blogged in recent days. The problem seems to be largely the fault of — well, of you. When we started this blog and website over a year ago, no one read it. Now we have about 40,000 unique visitors a day (or so our hosting company tells us — and who knows if their numbers are accurate). Apparently the nice little server that used to host got upset with so much company and decided to toss us into a deep freeze. We have since upgraded our hosting arrangement and we are now told that, going forward, all should be well. Hoping that is indeed the case. Hoping, too, to resume blogging in the coming days, and that at least a few of you have stuck around despite the technical glitch.