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Cocaine Everywhere You Look

Eric Clapton famously stopped performing the J.J. Cale song “Cocaine” once he got sober. But now he’s resumed. Why? After all these years, Clapton decided that the song is in fact anti-drug; plus, he admits, he just really missed playing the guitar riff.

In other cocaine news, there’s a new carbonated energy drink called Cocaine, with about three times the caffeine per serving as Red Bull. The company’s website offers recipes for drinks like Cocaine Blast, Cocaine Snort, and Liquid Cocaine. In New York City, where crack cocaine posed a blight that none of us here care to recall, lawmakers are not very amused. “There are only two reasons that you would seek to use this infamous and insidious name to market your so-called energy drink,” Queens councilman James Sanders Jr. told the New York Times. “Either you are woefully ignorant of the horrors of cocaine addiction, or your god is the dollar bill, and not even human life is more sacred.”