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Floyd Landis Takes His Case to the People

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Internet was created for: Floyd Landis, the tainted Tour de France winner, has used his website to post a voluminous defense against doping charges. The material includes:

+ his attorney’s motion for dismissal

+ a “complete World Anti-Doping Agency document package, inclusive of the testing information from Landis’s ‘A’and ‘B’ samples”

+ a PowerPoint presentation including: “the details of the carbon isotope ratio test (CIR), demonstrating that the CIR conducted on Landis’s urine sample does not meet the WADA criteria for a positive doping test … Demonstration of an unacceptable variation in sample testing results … [and] Errors in fundamental testing procedure and protocol”

I haven’t had a chance to look at this material yet, but figured a lot of you might like to know about this. FWIW, we posted previously on Landis here and here and here.