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John 3:16, Freakonomics style

If you are as old as me and a sports fan, you will remember the “Rainbow Man.” In the 1980’s, you almost couldn’t watch a televised sporting event without seeing him. He wore a rainbow wig and held up a sign with a biblical reference, most often “John 3:16.”

A friend of mine wants to pull off the Freakonomics version of “Rainbow Man.” He is a photographer and will be ring side for Saturday’s heavyweight fight involving 7 foot 1 inch tall Russian fighter Nikolai Valuev as well as other championship fights. His version of the rainbow wig will be a Freakonomics t-shirt, so if you are watching, keep an eye out for it. The fights will be on regular HBO (not pay per view).

This banter about the Rainbow Man made me wonder what he is doing now. Things have not worked out well for him, to say the least. There is even a documentary about his rise and fall.