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The Allure of Freakonomics

I’m not much for fashion magazines, but judging from my wife’s reading habits, Allure is a pretty good one. That’s why I was happy when a nice blogger named Elsa Kaminsky (whose blog combines her interests in economics and fashion) alerted us that a copy of Freakonomics can be seen poking out of a model’s Chanel bag in the current issue of Allure. This is almost as exciting, but not quite, as when we learned that Adrian Grenier of Entourage was reading our book.

[P.S.: Not long ago, Levitt posted a link to an article about an Oakland Raiders offensive lineman who was reading Freakonomics. To which a guy named Stuart replied: “Is it difficult to kiss your own ass? After years of yoga I still can’t but you guys manage it often in your blog….” I’ve got no problem with meaningful criticism on our blog — that’s why the comments are open — but if you think it’s so horrid for a couple of guys to link to entertaining media reports about their own book, then — well, maybe we should stop seeing each other, Stuart. Or maybe, if the value of such postings are so low, we should lower the price of our blog.]