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And the Winner Is …

Your responses to yesterday’s quiz were, as always, vigorous and interesting. And, as with earlier contests like this one and this one, the correct answer came fast. In this case, it came within 10 minutes of my original posting. And the person with the correct answer was so confident that he/she logged on to our comments section with the very name of Celebrity X, which happens to be …

Flavor Flav.

So congratulations to the blog reader known as Flavor Flav for figuring out that it was the real Flavor Flav that I spotted in Benihana. He was wearing a bright green t-shirt, white baseball cap only slightly askew — and yes, a trademark clock hanging around his neck. (Thus the clue in the quiz posting: “This would seem to be due in considerable measure to an impeccable sense of timing.”) He was eating with a woman who looked to be about his age and maybe 6 kids, ranging from very young to teenager. As we were leaving, the chef had just thrown a bunch of lobster tails on their grill.

As a later commenter pointed out: “Definitely Flavor Flav. Definitely. He’s had two TV shows- The Surreal Life and Flavor of Love on VH1, and his propensity for wearing timepieces handles the ‘good timing’ clue. Plus anyone who suggests that we ‘Fight The Power,’ as Public Enemy did nearly 20 years ago, certainly has some measure of notoriety. Bummer I didn’t get over here earlier today. Yeaaaah boyeeeeeeee!”

Of all the guesses that were posted, the most sensible wrong one was probably Howie Mandel. Mr. T was also a pretty good guess, though I agree with a later commenter that, even though he’s been out of the public eye for a long time, his image has hardly been forgotten.

I was also surprised there were so few women among the guesses.