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Mickey Mouse is the answer

Blog readers are a lot smarter than I thought. It took less than an hour to get the right answer to my latest quiz. Thinking nobody would be able to figure out that I shook hands with Mickey Mouse, I had plotted out four days of increasingly helpful clues. Not only did someone guess Mickey Mouse almost immediately, but numerous other commenters recognized that that was likely the answer.

The first person to guess Mickey Mouse was Firearcade. But it was his/her third guess. Technically, that should disqualify him/her, but having recently shaken hands with Mickey Mouse, I’m in a good mood, so he/she will get a signed copy of the book. I’ll also give one to Gaijin51 who not only gave the right answer on his first guess (9 minutes after Firearcade), but also gave some background about his guess. Congratulations to both winners.

I was amazed at the awe with which Mickey Mouse was treated by the folks who work at DisneyWorld. When I tried to ask questions like “What is the career path to become a Mickey Mouse,” I was told that you do not become “a” Mickey Mouse because there is only one Mickey Mouse. When I asked how one Mickey Mouse manages to be both at DisneyWorld, EuroDisney, and Disney Hong Kong, they simply repeated their assertion that there was only one Mickey Mouse. I asked if there was only one Snow White. They told me Snow White was merely a “face character,” which I guess means that there are lots of Snow Whites. I also found it interesting that Mickey Mouse doesn’t talk when you are face-to-face with him. I guess any voice that would come out would be a disappointment.