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The most trusted person in America

I was at a charity event the other night (more on that event when I have the time to do it justice).

The charity group had a clip from someone they touted as “the most trusted man in America.”

Who do you think they were referring to? I tried to think of who it might be before they showed the clip and couldn’t come up with any sensible guess of who it would be. Once they showed the clip, though, I thought their claim was not unreasonable.

Any guesses/nominations from blog readers? I’ll send a signed copy of Freakonomics to the first poster with the “right” answer (i.e. the answer given by this charity). If you were in the room or have heard them make this claim before, you are not eligible. If no one gets the right answer, I’ll choose the answer I think is best to receive the prize.

I’ll post the answer and the prize winner this weekend.