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This is definitely not the most trusted person in America

From today’s Chicago Tribune:

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. – One of the nation’s most influential evangelical leaders admitted Friday that he visited a male prostitute for a massage and bought methamphetamine for personal use – though he said he threw the drugs away without using them.

The Rev. Ted Haggard denied the prostitute’s allegation that the two men met for sex as often as every month for the last three years. But he did say that he had visited the prostitute for a massage and later called him more than once to buy methamphetamine – a drug used in some gay circles to heighten sexual sensation.

“I never kept [the drugs] very long,” Haggard told a TV reporter who questioned him as he was leaving his home in Colorado Springs, a short drive from his 14,000-member mega-church. “I was tempted. I bought it. But I never used it.”

That sounds believable, doesn’t it?