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Turbulent Souls 2.0

I’m happy to announce that my first book, a family memoir called Turbulent Souls, has just been republished by HarperCollins. It’s got a new cover, a new essay in the back, and even a new title, Choosing My Religion. The success of Freakonomics has made me grateful on many levels. But one of the best results is that my earlier books have also been granted a longer life. Authors are happy when their books remain in print, just as parents are happy when their grown kids prosper; while Turbulent Souls was still in print eight years after publication, Choosing My Religion will probably extend that life. HarperCollins will also be republishing my second book, Confessions of a Hero-Worshiper, sometime next year. And my first kids’ book, The Boy With Two Belly Buttons, will also be published in 2007. As for the pub date of SuperFreakonomics? That remains a mystery, even to us. We are working, surely but slowly.