A New Contest (Not Ours)

We know you like to play contests (like this one and this one and this one). And we know that at least some of you have a fierce literary bent (as judged by your response to this post and this one and this one).

So there should be at least some interest in the following: a six-word memoir contest. That’s right — you have six words in which to write your life story. FWIW, here’s my entry: “On the seventh word, he rested.”

The prize for the six-word contest is an iPod, which is considerably better than the paltry autographed book that we give out.

If you do make a submission, feel free to post it as a comment on this site as well.


A Silopsist I am, I think.


I'm a little disappointed that the contest didn't reference Hemingway at all.

Wired magazine did an article recently asking many writers to create 6 word stories in honor of Hemingway, who felt his 6 worder was his best work. (For the record, it was: "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn." And yes, I like telling people I have memorized an entire Hemingway story.)


Another new day. Great! Now what?


YES! I too read the article Pylon mentioned, and that's exactly what I thought too. And they got people to write their own on the comments.. Some people did pretty well. Does anyone have the link to that? Seems like I've lost it.

I wish I could write something worth posting, but I'm afraid it's 11:30pm and my brain has switched off already. :/

But I did find this -
"The average person thinks he isn't."
Father Larry Lorenzoni


By the way, I still wouldn't mind another chance at an autographed copy of Freakonomics...I got the audiobook of the original edition, and listened to it several times.


"He was happy being a Flasher."

Referencing Adobe Flash, which is the primary software I use for my profession.

Marina Martin

Hemingway and his story are mentioned in the left-hand column (http://www.smithmag.net/sixwords/) of the contest.

Mine was: "Never gave up. All used up."


Born. All the rest is anticlimax.


Not a three-speed mixer. Again.


Dreamed of endless love. Awoke alone.


How long is this open for entries? I'll have to think about this one.


"submits a memoir and signs up with Twitter to receive a memoir a day"

Well... it's not just about writing the memoir.

Past and future, then and now.


God blessed him, he ruined it.


Last one:

When in doubt, waited it out.


Yep, she did it her way.


two roads.i took them both.


at 86, he saved for tomorrow.


curiousness of spuriousness succumbed to alcohol


more covering arse than actual work


Nashat--Why not "I'll have to think about this"? You wrote it, I just edited it.