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Microsoft Unveils Its New Book Search

A while back, we passed along the news when Google launched its Book Search site. Now, in the interest of equal time, here is Microsoft’s beta version of its own Book Search service. A friend of mine who worked on the project sent this note:

After many sleep-deprived weeks, my group at Microsoft has recently launched a beta version of our Book Search service. This first release is very much a beta, and includes only out-of-copyright (pre-1923) titles scanned at the University of California, University of Toronto, and the British Library. We’ve chosen to focus on some key areas where books could add authoritative value to search: the 1,000 or so great works (e.g. Huck Finn, etc…) as well as books related to American History, Religion and Philosophy.

I am asking for your help, as appreciators of the written word, to use the service a bit and then share your reactions, comments, complaints etc. I hope you find it useful and interesting.

So here is your chance to whisper, albeit indirectly, into Bill Gates’s ear.