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Northwest Airlines Suspends Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony, the young star of the Denver Nuggets, was severely punished for throwing a punch in a brawl at the end of a recent Knicks-Nuggets game. His 15 game suspension will cost him $640,000 in salary. (I’d link to the brawl, but the NBA demanded that remove all clips of the incident.)

With Anthony having already been punished by the NBA, Northwest Airlines decided they needed to do their part as well. It turns out that Carmelo Anthony is on the cover of this December’s WorldTraveler magazine, which you find in the seat pocket in front of you when you fly on Northwest Airlines. The article details all the good things that Anthony has been doing to give back to his community.

But when you go to the online version of the magazine, Carmelo is nowhere to be found, suspended by NWA indefinitely. Instead you find “The Best of China.” To find Carmelo, you have to go back to the cached version at google, although even in that version I wasn’t able to link to the actual story that reports on all the good things he has done.

The main thing I wanted to link to in that article was a sentence that described how Carmelo had ratcheted up his off-season training regimen this year. In particular, it reported that Carmelo had taken up boxing in the off-season.

Little did he know how directly relevant that part of his training would be this season.