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Best Use of the Web Ever?

It’s one thing to see a flame war break out on a Web site. But it can’t compare to actually hearing the flamer at work. That was the realization of the S.F. Chronicle, which just had the insanely entertaining idea of turning irate readers’ phone messages into podcasts. Here’s the first one.

I will give a prize to the first person who listens to the whole thing and doesn’t either a) laugh out loud or b) want to hit the man in the throat with a flounder.

I wondered at first if perhaps this call was a stunt — the guy’s use of the word “cutline” betrays his above-average knowledge of newspapering. But I don’t think this kind of fervor can be faked. I’m particularly fond of this line: “Is there any other kind of drone than a pilotless drone?”

The answer would seem to be: Yes, sir; you.

(Hat tip: Jim Romenesko.)