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Breast milk and baby names

When I was a child and didn’t eat my dinner, my mother (like all mothers of her generation) would remind me that there were starving children in Africa. However, she never would take me up on my generous offer to ship the leftover food to those starving children in lieu of my having to eat it.

My friend Jill Youse puts a modern spin on the question of what to do with leftovers. Jill’s problem isn’t food, it is breast milk. After her baby Stella was born, she produced huge amounts of breast milk — far more than baby Stella wanted. She thought about throwing it out, but then she thought about those babies in Africa. She took the step my mother never would: she actually began shipping the milk to Africa. You can read all about her efforts on the International Breast Milk Project in a Time magazine article.

Looking for ways to fund her charity, Jill’s latest idea is to write a fun, smart book on baby names. Towards that end, she has posted a short baby names survey that she is hoping people will fill out. If you are interested, please take the survey and also spread the word.