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Due to a busy day today, the best I can do here is link to a few noteworthy articles in this morning’s N.Y. Times:

a report by Denise Grady on a small but significant drop in cancer deaths, an article that includes a concise but very good rollup of the state of cancer in general. (Here, in a paragraph discussing the rise in prostate cancer, is the money quote: “It’s going to be a good time to be a urologist.”)

an article by Ray Rivera about how New York City will begin accepting digital photos and video images on its 911 emergency line and its 311 non-emergency service line. “Imagine someone caught in a hostage situation transmitting pictures or video,” said one anti-terrorism consultant. “It’s just an incredible amount of information that can be gathered from fairly simple technology.”

… the economist Robert Frank wrote a column about payday lenders (a subject we’ve touched on previously), in which he compares lenders to alpha male lions who kill all unrelated cubs in the pride. It’s an incredibly interesting analogy — though not nearly as critical as it seems at first blush.