More Economics Music

This song was written by a procrastinating Econ 101 student:

“Girl, Your Marginal Benefit Is Far Greater Than Your Marginal Cost”

The tune is quite catchy. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, though, you will see that the singer/songwriter probably should have spent more time studying for the exam and less time writing this great song…the economics concepts described are pretty suspect! Perhaps blog readers can identify some of the economic missteps in the lyrics so this young man doesn’t fail his exam.

(Thanks to James Somers for passing this along.)


Isn't it likely that the MU>>MC statement basically means that he's writing a lovesong about how he misallocates alternative resource, directing it from the consumption of the object of his affection?


here's the de facto indian subcontinental engineering student's anthem (rumour has it that its originally from a pakistani student band,but is known everywhere where a frustrated engineering student' soul resides and where hindi is understood )

its an ode to the great romance of an engineering student to his cigarette... the brave,valiant fights that he/she has to fight to obtain the puff..
the lyrics cant be posted in any self or otherwise respectable comm.. so if u wanna know..tell me and i shall enlighten thou.

p.s.- i dont smoke..