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Here’s what showed up in the in-box today:

You believe “economics is how people get what they want, or need, especially when other people want or need the same thing,” What else are you going to pull out of high school economic text books? What is even more disturbing is the large amount of readers that believe this sort of drivel is in any way profound or insightful. It reminds me the way people are so rabid about Irving Norman’s “art”. I’ve only read portions of your book, but your conclusions are always predictable and anyone applying basic logic will arrive at the same conclusion. Take your “investigation” of the reason behind the fact that so many drug dealers live with their mothers. It’s because drug dealing pays less than even jobs such as short order cooks and convenience store workers. Also, drug dealing (the immoral aspects of it aside) is like any other business. Only a few rise to the top. You do have a good sham going and have found a niche that pays well for someone who apparently has limited reasoning ability.

I like that he insults us guys (the authors) and you guys (the readers) in one fell swoop. But if I were you guys, I’d be pretty ticked off: Irving Norman is, IMHO, pretty darn bad.