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Sexy Stephen Dubner

My friend Laura Beth Nielsen at the American Bar Foundation has a theory that people who are good at one thing are good at everything. Since she shared it with me, I have thought often about whether it is true. I tend to believe it, with the important qualification that the right kind of practice is critical to being good at anything. It may well be that people who are good at one thing have learned how to do the right kind of practice, not just for that task, but more generally.

Dubner is a case study of someone who has had success doing two very different things. His prowess as a writer/journalist is well documented. Much less well known is that earlier in life he was a rock star. He always claimed that, but I had never seen much tangible evidence. His former bandmate in Sexy Stephen is on the far rightThe Right Profile, Jeffrey Dean Foster (still making some excellent music), finally provides the smoking gun evidence that proves Dubner was a rock ‘n’ roll heartthrob: it takes the form of this promo shot taken shortly after the band was signed by Clive Davis to Arista Records. That is sexy Stephen on the far right.